Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Are We Here,What are our goals,Can we accomplish our goals.

Hello america,why are you here you ask yourself.simple answer your here because you feed-up with the left,the unions,and socailist retards pickiting wall street.your here for the same reason i am.were gonna unite as 1-were gonna hit a million members,and were gonna dictate who wins and whos gonna,run this sick and tired of left wing radical,socailist scum-bags trying to distroy our way of life.all i ask is you join us,copy and paste this link everywere,all over the me build the base we need to unite and defeat obama and the billions of dollars there spending trying to brain wash us all.we will grow,unite,discuse who were gonna vote for,and dictate what direction these politions are gonna go.there 2 ways they can go.fallow the constatution,bring back smaller goverent,bring back god,bal our budgit,and they will pass amendment limiting them to-2 terms.if you agree with us-plz join us in our revolution to restore america.thats 1 the 2nd choose might piss um off.there are none.its our way or the high way.1,000,000,000 members and repost.1,000,000,000 will give us the power to throw a election 1 way or the name is Rodney Bond ,and i appoved this message.                   ps.remember unite as 1 we can and will win our ountry back,stay involved,repost this and remember recrute as many as you can to join us.

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